10 Hidden Travel Destination of the US

Waiting for that quintessential escape from the hustle and bustle of the monotonous life can be exhausting. What can be even more exhausting is planning a trip that checks all the boxes in your criteria. But wait! There is something even tedious to choose. The perfect ‘TRAVEL DESTINATION’!

Understanding this, we have handpicked some of the most underrated and hidden travel destinations that can offer you a trip of a lifetime. Whether it’s a solo trip, a laid-back tour with your friends, or a relaxing grand holiday with your family this list will get you covered! 

Kodiak Island, Alaska

Our list starts off with the hidden gem Kodiak Island situated in the state of Alaska. This beautiful yet underrated gateway can be any traveler’s dream destination for having that right balance of adventure and holiday vibes. This large alpine island of approximately 3594 square miles has a whole range of wildlife and is packed with serene views and lakes.

Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge is an iconic place to visit and is famous for its distinctive wildlife reserve and bear sighting. Kodiak Island is perfect for any family escape with great activities like fishing which is Kodiak popularly known for. The coastal areas and scenic beaches can add more to your vacation for that right amount of relaxation.

Along with that, Kodiak fossil beach, Kodiak History Museum, Alutiiq Museum packed with Kodiak’s indigenous history and Fort Abercrombie State Historic Park, Ayakulik River serving some of the best lush views of Alaska – can be the perfect options to explore all that Kodiak has to offer.

Kodiak Island can be accessed through ferry and flights from mainland Alaska. However, the transportation system is amazing within the island to reach out to almost all the key places. Luxurious hotels can also be found according to your budget to have a pleasant stay.

Leavenworth, Washington

Waiting to have a different holiday this year? Away from the contemporary metro life? The state of Washington has a trump card in its bag – ‘Leavenworth’. This north-western adorable little town is beautifully conceived around the traditional Bavarian vibes. The town was built around the 1960s and has been an all-year-round tourist travel destination that a lot of people really don’t know about. Its tourism sees its peak in the holiday seasons mostly.

It is situated in the beautiful Chelan County with picturesque alpine valleys. Great mountain ranges including Tumwater Mountain, Stuart Mountain Range, and Wenatchee Mountains that stretch around the Wenatchee River Valley are some noteworthy places to explore.

All of these mountainous regions of Leavenworth are there to offer top-notch outdoor activities.  Mountain biking, hiking, trekking, snowshoeing are a few of them. Moreover, Leavenworth has its own set of local holidays and festivals like Bavarian Ice Festival, Bavarian Bike & Brew, Kinderfest, Taste of Leavenworth, Maifest, Autumn Leaf Festival, and Christmas Lighting Festival.

The location is as family friendly as it can get! Great transportation availability from Seattle to Leavenworth will get you covered. Packed with amazing resorts, lodges and Bavarian themed cafes, shops, houses and streets – Leavenworth can be the best deal you can get to maximize your holiday chills!

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

Colorado is packed with beautiful landscapes filled with mountains, canyons, forest, plateaus, deserts and rivers. If you are planning on visiting Colorado anytime soon, don’t forget to keep ‘Garden of the Gods’ in your list! You may ask ‘What’s so special about it?’ Well, Garden of the Gods Park is literally a gigantic region offering astonishing geological marvels. Its unique blend of Great Plains with beautiful lush woodlands can catch the attention of any travel enthusiast.

Garden of the Gods offers a wide range of extreme outdoor activities for all the adventure junkies. Such as hiking, horse riding, biking, trekking, rock climbing or simply exploring the wildlife with a rustic jeep tour.

Fun fact! It’s a free to visit national park with fixed schedules and offers a free public shuttle during its peak months. Also, you can bring your cute pet dog along with you to have a nice outing together.

All the other focal tourist attractions of Colorado are very close to the ‘Garden of the Gods’. For the best tourist experience plenty of hotels, resorts and lodges are available in Denver with great transportation. So, what are you waiting for? For someone who has a drive of cherishing distinctive geological sights and wants to enjoy great outdoor activities, this is the place!

June Lake, California

This pick right here is for those who are looking for a perfect secret hideaway.  Located in the southern edge of Mono County in California – June Lake can be a suitable destination for a short vacation. Loaded with alluring scenic beauty June Lake offers great summers and warm falls to cherish. Extended mountains and crystal-clear water with lush green-lands June Lake is a beauty on its own.

The best way to reach June Lake would be a nice road trip. From Reno, Nevada – the closest city of the June Lake it’ll take the least time to reach. You can also visit from other Californian cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles and have a stay in the hotels. You can also consider camping as an exotic option for your stay.

In the summer you can go swimming with your group of friends or family and enjoy the moderate weather of northern California. Paddling and fishing are also great options! But to truly fathom this beauty you have to visit it in its peak time – mid-October. The fall foliage of the June Lake and the surrounding areas is something to get you in the perfect holiday mood. The sweet autumn breeze and the warmth of nature will surely melt you away!

Durango, Colorado

While watching “A Ticket to Tomahawk” or “National Lampoon’s Vacation” if the Colorado country sights have caught your attention then we got you covered. Durango is that small little city in Colorado bordering with New Mexico where many classic films were shot. It is that underrated gem that everyone will surely admire but, not a lot of people know much about. For a great country style vacation Durango can be your next choice!

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Durango is not all about its beautiful mountains, canyons and forests. It is packed with rich American history that has inspired many authors, filmmakers and artists since the 19th century. Strater Hotel, Rochester Hotel, Palmer Hotel of Durango had hosted many iconic celebrities and witnessed the creation of many legendary pieces. The historical museums, art galleries and the iconic Durango & Silverton narrow-gauge railroad will surely make you dig a little deeper into the past.

It is a mecca for any outdoor activity lover. Durango offers best in class skiing and snowboarding facilities, amazing golf courses, long scenic drives and a great nightlife. This amazingly family friendly travel destination can be enjoyed though rustic Colorado cabin stays too. You can directly catch a flight to this fine south Colorado city or take an adventurous road trip.

Molokai, Hawaii

This travel destination is not for any average travelers’ choice. Situated in the rural and one of the least inhabited parts of Hawaii, Molokai is an underestimated heavenly escape. This ravishing pacific beauty has everything any island-lover can ask for. With flamboyant green mountains and cliffs, Molokai will surely take your breath away.

Halawa Valley Cultural Hike, Papohaku Beach Park, Kalaupapa National Historical Park, Kamakou Preserve, Waakapaemua Canoe Club, Molokai Plumeria Farm are some must-visit destinations of Molokai. For a long relaxed week-long trip Molokai can be a great choice. The authentic Hawaiian spas, local markets for a shopping spree, and the simple laid-back lifestyle will surely take you to a whole another timeline.

Molokai is the authentic face of Hawaii and its culture. Local festivities and rituals are something to cherish while being in Molokai. The beautiful moderate weather all year around of the island is a bonus for any traveller. It can be a bit tricky to get to this hidden gem.

Local carrier flights from Maui and Oahu can be chosen as the most comfortable option. Ferries are also accessible to Molokai from Maui. Contemporary luxurious hotels in Molokai are now many tourists’ first choice to assure maximum comfort.

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma isn’t just famous for its rich indigenous heritage and authentic southern charm. It is jammed with world-class tourist travel destination and beautiful family-friendly vacation choices. One of them surely is the iconic yet underrated ‘Medicine Park’. The name may sound funny but it will surely blow your mind when you get to know it a little more. Situated in Comanche County, near the Wichita Mountains it’s a great laid-back escape for any family holiday.

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Medicine park offers beautiful alpine scenes and great sights to visit nearby. Small cataracts and waterfalls with various giant lakes and delightful local resorts will certainly make any family vacation a good one. Swimming and riverside activities like barbequing can be enjoyed here. Authentic local cabins and lodges along with other contemporary options are easily accessible.

Fine dine restaurants, authentic local stores and shops, indigenous history packed sights, Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Sciences Center, the Holy city, Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum, Medicine Bluff – all these can add more thrill to your chill family outing.

Hamilton, Montana

Looking for a rustic getaway with your friends? Also, want some nice geological sightseeing? Here comes Hamilton. Located in the county of Ravalli, Montana Hamilton is a beautiful small city that can offer the best of both worlds. It has a great urban atmosphere with the perfect alpine landscape that gets you right in the mood for some good sightseeing.

Hamilton has serene postcard-worthy landscapes filled with mountains that have glaciers on top, Lush valleys, and meadows that can be enjoyed from the city itself. Teller Wildlife Refuge, Ward Mountain Trailhead, Romney Ridge, Kiwanis Park, and Lake Como are some of the most beautiful places in Hamilton to inhale nature to its fullest.

Within the city itself, there are plenty of places that you can have a visit. Stock Farm Golf course, Montana Hunting Fishing Adventures can be visited for outdoor activities. Ravalli County Museum and Historical Society, Westslope Distillery, Hamilton Farmers Market Co-op, ABC Acres are a few of the famous landmarks around the city of Hamilton.

Several fine-dine restaurants, lazy cafes, authentic distilleries, breweries and amazing nightlife and theatres will get you covered for your entire visit. You can catch a flight straight to Hamilton or plan a lazy road trip. No matter where you are from! Great hotels, motels, and rest-houses with great services will give you the sense of homely warmth that Hamilton has to offer.

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

This grand pick right here surely serves its name right! It’s a melting pot of many geological wonders. To absorb nature at its best this is an exemplary option for any adventure junkie. Located in the lap of Nevada’s Great Basin Desert, Great Basin National Park is a treasure worth cherishing. It takes up a big chunk of the South Snake mountains and it’s the home for a distinctive range of precious wildlife.

The Great Basin National Park can easily be anyone’s quintessential family vacation destination. It has every element that a great family hideaway needs. Even if you are with your friends you can enjoy amazing outdoor activities like birdwatching, stargazing, trekking, hiking and many more. It’s an ideal sight for campers and has some of the best camping facilities.

One will thoroughly enjoy the beautiful geological sights in the mountainous regions like Lehman Caves, Wheeler Peak, Bristlecone Trails, Alpine Lakes Loop, and Teresa Lakes. Then, one can go for simple barbequing while camping or stargazing at night with enough tourist support by the local authority.

If you are looking for a more comfortable option, great hotels and stays can be found nearby very easily. Being right in the heart of Nevada Great Basin National Park has all the contemporary transportation access that can be considered as a cherry on top for your vacation!

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

If you’re more of a beach person then this underrated gem is for you! Dry Tortugas National park is situated in the sunshine state Florida within the lap of the Gulf of Mexico. The entire region consists of seven islands in total along with well reserved coral reefs. The exquisite beauty of the blue Gulf of Mexico and island vibes is promised to take your breath away at the first glance.

The most iconic destination that catches the eye of any travel enthusiast is the stunning Fort Jefferson that was created in the 19th century. Dry Tortuga also hosts many amazing archetypal sights. Like Loggerhead lighthouse and the Windjammer Wreck of 1875. Packed with great outdoor activities and water sports opportunities it is a paradise for any enthusiast. It offers world-class diving spots, snorkeling, parasailing, camping, birding, and stargazing opportunities.

Dry Tortugas National park is a perfect fit for any relaxing escape with your family, friends or loved one. When it comes to hotels and stays – you name any sort of luxury, they have it! Loaded with amazing beach villas, hotels and resorts – the utmost comfort is completely assured in your vacation. You can spice your vacation up by taking the sea route to Dry Tortugas via boats, yacht, Ferries or seaplanes.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we all seek for the perfect holiday to get some fresh air and breath free from the exhausting life. But choosing the travel destination and planning the trip itself shouldn’t be a bothersome job. These hidden trump cards will be your best options to ease the puzzle and will offer you the best of the best that one can get!

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