Best SIM Card for Europe

Best Sim Card for Europe: SIM cards are important for travel. No matter where are you traveling, you need a network connection, and a SIM card is your only option for communication. Yes, you may argue with us that you have a lot of social media accounts, from where you can make free calls. We also agree on that, but what about your internet connection? Or you are traveling in a place where there is no internet?

This is why you need a stable SIM card or network connection using which, you can make calls from any place of Europe. Seems like it was only yesterday when travelers across Europe had to sit in an internet cafe around with a computer or purchase international phone cards to call home. One of the first things tourists to the continent wonder about these days is what the right SIM card with data to carry with them is for Europe.

Are you curious what will be the best travelling SIM service in Europe? This article discusses all the right SIM cards to be used in Europe that you can add to your check list along with what you need to review before going for your European trip to make sure you should use your SIM card with no problems in Europe!

Orange Sim card
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Orange SIM Card (Prepaid)

Orange provides a wide variety of PAYG pricing options, so you can adapt the tariffs to your individual needs, resulting in better value for money. The choice of plans is better than most other network, but it does make it very confusing to pick the optimal alternative. In fact, consumers are almost given too much choice and can find it difficult to choose the right tariff. However, you should be able to choose something that will save you cash with some precise estimates.

The pair of options available on Amazon would make you stumble: the Orange Holiday Europe SIM from both the French mobile company Orange and the UK cellular provider PrePaid Europe SIM Three, both for about $22.

While 12 GB of data and several more phone minutes and SMS messages will be given by the Three SIM, you could go for the Orange SIM, as it used 4G networks instead of 3G and allowed tethering. With your iPad, you will be able to use the Personal Hotspot functionality of iOS. The Orange SIM comes with 3 GB of details by default.

Where to get them: We would suggest you to get it via Amazon, because by Amazon, you will get more offers.

Available in airport: Yes, you can get this SIM card available in most of the airports in Europe.


Three Europe SIM Card

The Three SIM card was originated in the UK and its network is available in Europe in most countries. You’ll get 12GB of storage for use in 71 European destinations. Not just that, you’ll still get 3000 minutes of speech and 3000 messages as well. Let’s make things a little clearer.

If you’re a UK resident, don’t care about anything else and buy this SIM. Because whatever deals you get, it can only be used inside Europe or can call the UK, but it’s a little complicated SIM card for Europe to other nations. Much likes these SIM cards, AND European numbers when you are in Europe can only be used to dial UK numbers.

But with this SIM, calling from Europe to another region, like calling Japan, is a bit costly. But this SIM network, along with other countries such as the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and more, can cover much of Europe. You just have to do it on the phone. For some form of tethering, personal hotspot or video streaming services, you will not be allowed.

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Another advantage you can get is quick activation; you won’t need any personal login ID. Plug and go. Maybe it’s not the best for other countries citizen, but it’s an Ideal SIM for the European Travelers.

For all mobile phones, this triple SIM is sufficient and can be recharged for more info. The price starts from $40.

Where to get them: It’s available in Three SIM Uk website. You can order from there or pick up from the country you are going.

Available in airport: Yes, but it’s limited, so only big airports sell them.

O2 Go SIM Card

For several years, many people claimed that only O2 SIM deals would be the best option for everyone’s next phone. It is one of four major networks that make use of its technology, coverage and technology with a wide variety of smaller MVNO SIM only offers. With its long tradition, beginning in 1985, O2 had plenty of opportunity to perfect its SIM-only offers.

As a very well-rounded network, it blends in neatly next to Vodafone right now. It’s not over costly, at competitive price points; it has a range of big data SIM plans and is subsidized all year round. On top of that, O2 has expanded its position in the field of incentives in order to cope with increased competition from Three, Vodafone and EE. 

As for a traveller in Europe, O2 offers a wide range of services for every people. If you get an O2 SIM card, you won’t need any contract to sign with the company. It’s kind of like pay as you go SIM card. As it’s services are like this, if you are staying over month in Europe, then you won’t need to pay monthly fee for it. You will also get a good deal of call and text charge from it.

You can also get official dealer pack from their prepaid SIM. It will cost you $25 to purchase and the call charges are pretty limited compared to other network service providers. The max you can get is $6.40 for calling and texting, including 1 5 GB data bundle pack.

Where to get them: As usual, you can get them from Amazon, or you may pick up from store of O2 in Europe.

Available in Airport: It’s available in airport, but finding the go package is a bit uncertain. You may get it outside of airport as well.


EE Data SIM Card

If you are looking for a SIM card that will only support you for your internet, then this SIM a great choice for you. As we are reviewing, we can see why only EE deals with SIM are actually appealing. An EE SIM contract alone gets you the fastest 4G speeds in the Europe.

The same goes if a friend or family member has managed to get hold of a cheap SIM-free handset or has been given a hand-me-down. A decent way to go might be EE SIM. EE can be a fairly expensive network, so make sure you just review our best SIM deal page before you settle on your SIM. Retailers also add handsome cash back deals like a sweet chocolate into their dealing mix. In generally we are speaking EE’s only SIM deals are just a little too dear to make them worth pairing with an extravagant purchase of a smartphone.

For instance, if you were to go for the cheapest EE SIM and mix it with the £ 799 Samsung Galaxy S20, over two years, you would pay about the same as the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S20 price we’ve seen.

For traveller, when they get the new SIM, they will get 6GB data. As it is an internet SIM, their expiry will be 90 days. Within this time, they can recharge this SIM as much as they want. Even though they can’t call or text someone, but they can do everything related to internet with this SIM.

This SIM card covers 48 countries in Europe. Alongside that, it directly supports hotspot from your modem. Maybe you will be using only social app calls, since this SIM allows only Wi-Fi and internet support.

Where to get them: They can be found on big retail stores or Amazon.

Available in Airport: No this SIM isn’t available in airports.

giffgaff sim card

Giffgaff SIM Card

Giffgaff specializes in SIM-only packages, rather than traditional mobile contracts. These deals come with a data, minutes and text quota and last for 30 days, you may think of them as SIM plans for one month. Giffgaff packages vary from 500 MB of data to unlimited data – plus unlimited minutes and unlimited messages are provided with most contracts.

Giffgaff sells smartphone ‘plans’ if you like a new phone, which are basically telephone loans with a giffgaff goodybag tagged on the top. Like suppose you lost your cellphone during travelling, so you can get their smartphone plan packages. You can also choose how much you want to spend in advance and how many months you want to be paying for and then they will choose the correct rate for you.

This can be an expensive means of obtaining a new handset, however. But in emergency cases, you can’t consider anything other than this. Their pricing policy is also far reasonable, like they offer 9GB of 4g and unlimited call and text message for $12. This is really cheap for traveller who is planning to stay for a long time in Europe.

Where to get them: You can get them from their authorized dealer shop or can get them from online selling points.

Available in Airport: They aren’t available in every airport in the Europe, but you can find them in a lot of telecom shops. 


Cellhire Prepaid SIM Card

It’s a great and perfect working SIM card for Europe. We used it in Italy and had a great experience while using it. This SIM card is also an easy option to use as you don’t need any extra hassle or face any problem with it. Citizens from US and Canada can order them before coming to Europe.

On the other hand, prime members can get the SIM without any delivery charge. This is a great SIM for using data. In one of our previous SIM, we also mentioned that only for using data, you can pick that, but this SIM is great for anything you want to do. Even though they have coverage, but plans vary for every SIM in different countries.  

What we are trying to say is, the prepaid SIM card from Cellhire is affordable and you can use it without any extra hassle. With this said, when you fly to Europe, you certainly don’t need to use the roaming plans your local carrier has. Use this card and you can save too much and always be able to connect when away with family and friends.  

 Where to get them: You can bring your SIM from your own country, as they don’t have any roaming charge from their own country. Besides that, you can always buy SIM when you reach to Europe. 

Available in Airport: No, these SIM cards can’t be found in airport frequently.

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Bottom Line

You’re clearly worried about using a SIM card abroad if you’ve made it this far in the post. There is only one more significant, if SIMple, point worth considering, though. With so many carriers and so many options, to find out which carrier would fit well for you, you would need to do a bit of comparison shopping. When you have arrived, we would recommend going to the closest newsstand or unaffiliated mobile phone store, check out the SIM card options, and start a chat with the cashier. When deciding on a SIM card, there are many things to hold in mind.

  • Pay-as-you-go or Package? 
  • What is the size of calling cost? 
  • What about the Connection charge? 
  • Can you use it in other countries? 
  • Does it support Wi-Fi hotspots?

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