Cheapest Days to Buy Flight Tickets!

6-7 weeks beforehand!

This is one of the popular ideas when it comes to buying flight tickets. A lot of studies state that travelers get to save around 5% or above when they buy their tickets 6 to 7 weeks prior to their flight.
Whereas this idea indeed works in most cases, it also varies from time to time. On odd occasions, your agenda of saving money on flights may go in vain if you try to buy them months and months earlier. Because the first slot of tickets is never cheap let alone being the cheapest.
To put it in a nutshell, you need to watch the airline websites like a hawk to ensure your ticket price is not exorbitant. There is no hard and fast rule about getting them at the most convenient price just by buying them early. Rather wait for the right time!

When you go>When you buy the tickets

This is important for every traveler to know that making a great deal in buying tickets is more about when you fly rather than when you buy the tickets.
You must be very aware of the times when traveling will cost you less. That being said, this is always the best idea to avoid the travel seasons to diminish your ticket prices.
As the demand rises, so does the price of tickets! 

Non-festive days

If you are flying to a destination during its festive season, all the chances are there for travelers from around the world to look for the same air tickets. If you have decided to travel Europe during its peak-season (June to August), there will be more such tourists as you, willing to visit the same places hence the ticket price will be quite expensive.
Now if it is Summer vacation in the US and most schools and universities have already announced their holidays, this is very likely that US travelers will choose to travel during their holidays and thus the price of the tickets, again, will undeniably get higher.
So, this is advised that you better invest your time into choosing the day you are going to fly towards your destination and not the otherwise. Only that is how you can save some money on the flight tickets.

Avoid weekends! 

To sum it up, one may mull over this in the simplest way—the more inconvenient time it is, the cheaper the price will become!
During weekdays most travelers are likely to be busy with school, university or work, hence they always opt for the weekends to board on the plane. That explains why weekends are a no-no when you are not ready to splash out on tickets.
For flights during weekdays, the demand of tickets gets further down. As it is pretty inconvenient for the majority of people to travel on weekdays, the price is cheaper by default.
So always pick out a Friday or a Tuesday or any weekday in general. Just avoid weekends like clockwork, rest assured, you can easily meet your budget!

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So, a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon?

Although the statistics regarding this are quite inconsistent, several studies do indicate that tickets purchased on Tuesdays and Thursdays are cheaper than the ones purchased on alternative weekdays.
While sticking to this specific part, one must remember that a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon differs basing which part of the world you live in. So, keep that into your consideration.
However, as airlines declare the ticket deals on Monday evenings, Tuesday afternoons are somewhat ideal for the ticket hunters to plunge into buying theirs. But this would be unfair to not mention that this strategy does not always prop up, sometimes the websites show unprecedented changes due to many reasons. One has to be ready for such circumstances as well.

How about closer to date?

Another reason why it is advised to keep the airline websites on check—sometimes flight fares get drastically cheaper as the dates come closer. Sound how weird it may, this happens very often.
But here is a warning message—at a certain point the price starts escalating dramatically. There is no proxy for keeping the airline windows on check. You may miss a drastic drop or win a great deal at a super cheap price! Cannot but admit that sometimes luck matters.

Catch an early morning flight

As we talked about the fringe benefits of having inconvenience, unusually early morning flights are apt examples of that. Imagine getting up at 4 am and catching a flight at 8, quite of a trouble? So, that is another open secret.
Go for early morning flights, and the tickets will definitely not cost you much. Because most flyers will steer clear of such nuisance value and you can enjoy a cheaper price!

Settle for prolonged stop-overs

The boring, wasteful hours at a random airport is another nuisance everyone wants to refrain from while traveling. Because a prolonged stop-over during holidays insinuates at squandering time, doing nothing.
That adds one more scope of having tickets at cheaper price. The flights with weirdly long layovers are quite cheap, at least as compared to the usual ones.
Here is a bonus tip for the ones still having to give it a second thought—a long stop-over does not necessarily mean a boring one. Roam around the city like a true travel enthusiast, every city has at least little something to offer.

Wait for promotional offers

The travel websites often offer promotional discounts. Most of us shy away from looking out for these flight discounts as those deals seem quite troublesome at a glance, but the truth is many such travel agencies put real discount out on some specific purchases.
There are a number of American companies operating online payment system that put on ridiculously great discount codes. PayPal, TransferWise, Skrill and many more! They do work, all you need to do is take the trouble of checking into them!
So as you see, by paying on digital platforms you can decrease the price of your flight tickets!

Black-Friday crazy sale!

This is a known fact that Black Friday sales are the craziest deals one waits for to meet the best kind of ones. Flight deals are not any different!
Even now, as the pandemic is going on, airlines are not letting the travelers down. Several incredibly discounted flight fares around the world were offered to the travelers on the Friday following Thanks Giving day in 2020.
Even in 2021, the Black Friday is expected to be much of a muchness. Travelers will look forward to that time of the year when retailers go nuts and cut down the ticket prices. Looking out for these significantly special offers help you out to find your best deal.

Along with the sales, discounts and everything, this is your upright task to assess the terms and conditions they put there out. Before you finally purchase the tickets, reviewing the waiver of each airline is something you should not miss out on. 

Post-Christmas Sale!

Boxing day or post-Christmas day is not acknowledged all over the world, but as the sales start off, including those of airline tickets; it gives tongue to its existence. This is another best time for the desired flights to go somewhat reasonably priced. 
On 26th of December, the wholesalers and travel agencies come up with some of their biggest discounts to arrest attention of as many travelers as they can. Such offers should not get wasted, flyers must catch these cheapest flights and win a great deal.
But the price of these flights may vary from place to place. However, the smart move would be to check on specific and individual airline websites. The dates are never accurate in such cases. They differ to a certain extent from airline to airline. Most of these airlines fill up their slots at least 11 months in advance of each flight.

Those interested in using score points to purchase Christmas flights should be prompt enough to make reservations as soon as they are announced. Being online almost round the clock would be required for that!

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Next Monday after Thanksgiving!

The Black Friday offers usually continue to shake the market and buyers till the next Monday after Thanksgiving Day. The unfinished dealings continue to take place, sometimes overhauled with some changes or different conditions.
This, again, a day traditionally famous for online trade. Flyers get to meet their budget deals while buying tickets for their next travel destination!

Saturday Vibes

Once the fat cat wholesalers triumph in the market on Black Friday, the not-so-big businessmen try to make some profits by putting charming offers out on the very first Saturday after Thanksgiving.
The tradition keeps up with the airline business as well. Even if you are not accustomed to buying tickets from smaller travel agencies, try them out during this time of the year.
The small group airlines come up with great deals and offers for you and you get to purchase the cheapest air tickets that take you to your next travel destination. So the next day after Black Friday can turn out to be more profitable for you, you never know!

Extra charges, checked baggages!

Whereas there are hundreds of comparison sites available on the internet, they cannot do it all for the buyers. Quite a number of inexpensive, low-key airlines prefer not to put their tickets out to be displayed on the comparison sites at all.
You may miss out on all of those understated airlines that could offer you exactly what you want! You need to check all those airlines and travel agencies individually and only thus a perfect airline ticket deal can be made possible.
Another very important task is to do a thorough homework on what is including and what is not in the price of ticket. Say, if your ticket price is very cheap and you are under an impression that you made a great deal but your ticket does not include baggage fees, food expenses and all other extra charges; you need to give this a second thought.

Ticket price, myth about internet search!

Now that you are here, reading a piece on easy purchase of flight tickets, no wonder you have already searched for a ticket on airline websites.
There is a popular belief, which is neither proven to be a myth nor a fact that the airline websites earmark you and release a browser cookie that shows an increased price on your next search. Many studies do refer to the credibility of this belief and many do not.

Airline Credit card

If you love traveling and know that you need to fly very often, carrying any specific airline’s credit card will spontaneously put you over any other traveler.
All the airlines offer a wide range of privileges to the customers carrying their credit card. Free checked bags, extra facilities during boarding the plane and many more! And frequent discounts while purchasing the tickets. 
This is absolutely worth opting for one such credit card tied with your most preferred airline if you want to enjoy all these perks throughout the year, without having to wait for months or especial occasions. Having discount on tickets does not exclude the perks.


“Flying has torn apart the relationship of space and time: it uses our old clock but with new yardsticks” Charles A. Lindbergh says.
While traveling is as important as breathing for many of you, the travel expenses often come off as unbearable. Some measured moves can actually help you score a good deal and let you enjoy your holiday more. But your budget should not stop you from flying! 

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